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Mail ordering agency

We can sell your products on our e-commerce site.

– Preparers

Product descriptions (English or Japanese)

Product pictures (high resolution image. More than 1500×1500px)

– Charges

A, Chages of registering our website: 10,000 Yen

B, Sales commission: 25% in Japanese sells price(As a product is sold)

C, Translation fee of product explanation: 1 product: 10,000 Yen

Customer service agency

We deputize customer services, application and inquiry.



 *Only week days.  

– Charges

A, Montly: 20,000 Yen~ / 20 calls

*If inquiris are more than 20, we will make another quotation.

Labeling agency

We deputize any of labeling works, making labels, translations, pasting.

– Preparers

Explanation how-to-use of products (English)

* Give us each product.

– Charges

A. Translation: 1 product 10,000 YEn

B. Making datas: 1 kind 3,000 Yen

*Label size: less than 10 cm × 5 cm

C. Labelling: Once 20,000 Yen / 430 pieces

Once 20,000 Yen / 430 piecesC,


Application and inquiry

We will offer you a stuitable proposal.