What is orionLOGI ?

Don’t you feel about anxiouse like those ?

You want to start to sell your items to oversea but do not know how to export them.

It costs too much to open bank account and incorporation.

Anxious for customer services in Enlish, French.. and any foreign languages.

Do not know how any propotions to sell.

Hard to hire and send workers those managemnet any works in those countries.

orionLOGI gives you the best solution.

We deputize any works required to export for you to start with low cost from applying to transporting.

【Import agency】

We deputize to get a license for import and export and be an egency as an local corporation we deputize importing works.


We deputize to ship from warehouses in Singapore.


We deputize to strage your products in Singapore’s warehouses.


We pay in Japanese Yen for any foreign currency transactions.


We deputize to ship from warehouses in Singapore. *Commodity charge is not included.